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Hong Kong collectible coins

There are a great many collectible Hong Kong coins for sale at any given time in the online coin marketplace, and collectors who buy Hong Kong coins take many different approaches to their own collections.

The types of Hong Kong coins

Broadly speaking, the coins of Hong Kong fall into two categories: British colonial coins (1863-1997), and Chinese Hong Kong SAR coins (1997-now). The first several decades (until the 1930s) saw mostly silver coins issued in Hong Kong. Early exceptions were bronze one cent coins and the smaller-denomination one mil coins of the 1860s — the latter of obvious interest to many collectors.

In the 1970s, there began a program to issue several special gold coins with face values of $1000; these all featured Queen Elizabeth II in the 1970s and 1980s, and two gold $1000 coins issued just after HK was returned to China did not, of course, show a British monarch. These gold coins are generally the priciest and rarest Hong Kong coins seen for sale — but they are not so scarce that most collectors can’t find one or more for themselves.

Hong Kong coins by British monarch

If you are looking for information about HK coins issued under (and/or featuring the profile of) a specific British monarch, try our sections on Queen Victoria (coins issued 1863-1901); King Edward VII (1901-1910); King George V (1910-1936); King George VI (1936-1952); and Queen Elizabeth II (1952-now). (The short-reigned King Edward VIII of 1936 did not see any Hong Kong coins issued.)

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