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If you had an Intellivision console and a few Intellivision games back in the day, and you’ve found this page, odds are you still love Intellivision and are looking to buy a real vintage Intellivision console and some Intellivision games.

The Mattel Intellivision video game system was indeed awesome, and its games and technology were ground-breaking in the 1980s. The Intellivision console for sale to home consumers became a reality in 1979, selling 175,000 units in its first year on the strength of only 19 available Intellivision games.

Ultimately, Intellivision sold three million consoles and saw 125 games released, not including unreleased prototypes and latter-day games made by retro enthusiasts.

To buy Intellivision console and Intellivision games items, as well as accessories, you only need to go online. The heady days of the 1990s, when Intellivisions were frequently found at yard sales and in flea markets, are long gone, and though still spotted in the wild it is much better to find them online.

The most common games, as well as most of the mildly uncommon ones, are routinely available on places like eBay and from Amazon sellers. Generally, if you’re just starting out rebuilding an Intellivision console system, you’re especially in luck because quite a few of the listings online are console-plus-game lots. You can often find an Intellivision console with a few games for around $30 or more, depending on the titles and whether the IntelliVoice module is included.

Or you may be looking for a specific title or group of titles. Rare games crop up all the time, and bidding can get frenzied but it is still possible to snag a great title if you keep watching and waiting. Some of the rarest Intellivision games are:

Congo Bongo
Body Slam Super Pro Wrestling
Super Pro Decathlon
Super Cobra
The Jetsons – Ways With Words
Thin Ice
Learning Fun (I & II)
Melody Blaster
Stadium Mud Buggies
Tower Of Doom
Scooby Doo’s Maze Chase
Mountain Madness Super Pro Skiing
Triple Challenge
Mr. Basic Meets Bits ‘N Bytes
Pole Position
River Raid
World Cup Soccer
World Series Major League Baseball

If you see any of these crop up in our Intellivision console and games listings, jump on them because they are true finds and don’t come along too often! Good luck, and thanks for keeping the vintage Intellivision console faith alive and kicking.

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