Ukraine rare postage stamps and collectible Ukrainian covers


Ukraine rare postage stamps and collectible Ukrainian covers


You can buy Ukrainian stamps from as far back as 1866. Although for much of the twentieth century Ukraine did not have its own stamps, using those of Soviet Russia, there are several rare and interesting Ukrainian collectible stamps and covers from a variety of eras available.

The earliest stamps issued in the area of Ukraine were zemstvo stamps, a type of local issue made in dozens of areas throughout the Russian Empire. In the Ukraine, these stamps were made in various towns and cities from 1866 until 1917.

In 1918, the Ukrainian People’s Republic was declared, and a few stamps were issued for this new entity. Also in that year, Russian stamps were overprinted with a trident; the many types of these appeal to many collectors of Russian and Ukrainian stamps these days. A small part of western Ukraine known as Galicia declared itself the West Ukraine National Republic, and used overprinted Austrian and Bosnian stamps during 1918 and 1919.

From 1923, Ukraine was a Soviet Socialist Republic, and used regular Soviet stamps until 1992. There was a brief period of World War II, when Germany occupied part of Ukraine and used German stamps with an overprint reading ‘UKRAINE’. This lasted from 1941 until 1943.

In 1992, Ukraine became independent, as did many other former Soviet republics, and has issued its own stamps since. Modern Ukrainian stamps are usually inscribed ПОШТА УКРАЇНИ (poshta ukraina, or Ukraine Post). Some stamps are also inscribed with the Roman transliteration UKRAINA.

Our current selection of Ukrainian stamps for sale covers every era. Check the offers available now and come back to see daily additions and updates.

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