Sweden rare postage stamps and collectible Sverige postal covers

Sweden has had a very stable stamp-issuing history since its first postage stamps, and collectors of Swedish stamps often concentrate on complete sets, specific subjects, or certain eras.

The first Swedish stamp was issued in 1855; it is easily identified by its inscription, SVERIGE, which has been the inscription used until the present day. In the early decades of Swedish postage stamp history, changes in the national currency necessitated new stamps; collecting different currencies is one way many Swedish stamps collectors approach their hobby.

Swedish currency on postage stamps

pre-1855 — 1858: 1 riksdaler banco = 40 skilling banco
1858 — 1874: 1 riksdaler = 100 öre
1874 — now: 1 krona = 100 öre

There have been many Swedish first day covers (FDC), joint issues, maximum cards, and other special postal collectibles made available to buyers in addition to regularly-used postage stamps. Errors and certain covers also command attention from collectors. As far as errors go, the world’s arguably most valuable stamp is a 3 skilling banco stamp from 1855 printed in the wrong color; only one is known to exist and has been sold for over US$2 million at auction. It is called the Treskilling Yellow.

Sweden has also issued stamps for air post, parcel post stamps, official stamps, postage due stamps, et cetera. Browse our listings for what we do currently have for sale — and check back often, as our Swedish stamps for sale section is updated daily.

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