Gibraltar rare postage stamps and collectible postal covers

Gibraltar has been using its own stamps since 1886, when stamps from Bermuda were overprinted with the word ‘GIBRALTAR’. Soon, new stamps were issued, showing Queen Victoria and inscribed GIBRALTAR. These first Gibraltar stamps used the British currency system of pence, shillings, and pounds; Gibraltar was, then and now, a strategic overseas territory of England. (From 1889 until 1995, Gibraltar stamps used the Spanish currency of centimos and pesos, at first as surcharges and then as new stamps. After this, Gibraltar reverted to the British system.)

Until the 1970s, there was a relatively small number of new stamp issues for Gibraltar, but eventually the system was updated and many new stamps were issued, including many to appeal to collectors of all types. Many Gibraltar stamp designs are quite stunning, and for artistic reasons alone appeal to many buyers. Check the subcategories of Gibraltar stamps for sale and check back daily for the latest news.

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