Czech Republic collectible postage stamps and covers (1993 — now)

The Czech Republic has existed since 1993, when Czechoslovakia split up (also creating Slovakia at the same time). Czech Republic postage stamps were issued immediately, and are generally inscribed ?ESKÁ REPUBLIKA. The old stamps of Czechoslovakia remained usable in the Czech Republic until September of 1993; covers from this nine-month period with the old stamps are quite collectible for some.

The modern Czech Republic’s postal authority has issued several interesting collectibles for the international market. Many collectors hunt for interesting stamp booklets, which the Czech Republic has issued many of. Souvenir sheets, maximum cards, and minisheets are also popular. In addition, unhinged examples of regular Czech stamps are sought after, as are the joint issues that the Czech Republic has occasionally issued with other countries. There are also covers, including collectible first day covers (FDCs).

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