Belarus collectible postage stamps and covers, pre- and post-independence

The Republic of Belarus, also called White Russia or Belorussia, has been issuing its own postage stamps since 1992, after it gained independence from the Soviet Union.

In 1920, there was a set of five postage stamps printed for use in Belarus, but they were never actually distributed and used. Finding sets of these for sale in the collectors’ marketplace is generally not too difficult, and they are usually quite affordable (and in good condition, having never been used postally).

Belarus stamps feature the name of the country in Cyrillic — Беларусь — and often in English as well. The stamps of Belarus use the currency of the country, 1 rouble = 100 kopecks.

See the subcategories for Belarusian full stamp sheets, maximum cards, first day covers, souvenir sheets, joint issues with other countries, and many other collectibles. We also list various interesting Belarus postal covers that date from both before and after Belarus’s 1991 independence. This selection changes daily. Check back often to see the newest.

Some sales listings of Belarus stamps use the name of the country in other languages; watch for these:
French: Biélorussie
Spanish: Bielorusia
Italian: Bielorussia
German: Weißrussland / Weissrussland
Dutch: Wit-Rusland

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