Andorra collectible postage stamps and covers

The Principality of Andorra, a small country between Spain and France, has two postage stamp-issuing authorities: a French administration and a Spanish administration. Both types of stamps are valid for use in Andorra.

The Spanish began issuing stamps for Andorra in 1929; the French in 1932. Prior to this, regular French stamps were used in Andorra.

Telling which administration a given Andorran stamp comes from can be difficult, however: while most Spanish administration stamps use the Catalan name, PRINCIPAT D’ANDORRA, and most French administration stamps use the French name, VALEES D’ANDORRE, this is not always the case; French Andorran stamps sometimes also use the Catalan phrase. A stamp catalog is indispensable for properly identifying many Andorran stamps.

Many collectors concentrate on either the Spanish or the French administration stamps from Andorra, while others do not care for this division, and collect all Andorran stamps. Whatever style suits you, check the current selection of Andorra stamps for sale in this section. Our subcategories have more information and more specific types of stamps from Andorra.

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