Montserrat stamps & Montserratian postal collectibles


Montserrat stamps & Montserratian postal collectibles


Montserrat‘s first stamps were used in 1876, and were the stamps of Antigua with an overprint reading ‘MONTSERRAT’; new stamps inscribed instead of overprinted came in 1880 and are the first true Montserrat postage stamps. As a British colony then and now, Montserrat stamps have tended to feature monarchs, or at least a royal cypher or silhouette in recent years.

Recently, Montserrat stamps have concentrated on animals and plant life related to the island, as well as pop culture subjects (for example, the series of stamps honoring Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia). Stamps such as the latter are obviously intended to attract the international collectors’ market, and in that they have generally succeeded; Montserrat stamps for sale are usually plentiful and the subject of some competition from buyers and/or bidders.

We list current Montserrat postage stamps for sale in this section. Check the subcategories for never-used, unhinged stamps, revenue stamps, war tax stamps from World War I, cinderellas, and other special Montserratian stamps. Updates are made frequently.

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