Haiti postage stamps, covers and rare postal collectibles


Haiti postage stamps, covers and rare postal collectibles


The Republic of Haiti issued its first stamps in 1881. Formerly a French colony, Haiti had by that time already been independent for several decades, so Haitian stamps have always been issued for an independent country. This differentiates Haiti from many other parts of the Caribbean, where stamp histories began (and sometimes continue even now) colonially.

The first Haitian stamps were inscribed REPUBLIQUE D’HAITI; subsequent issued simplified this to HAITI, but the longer phrase would generally be chosen for postage stamps. With an odd inconsistency, to this day some stamps use the diacritical marks of the French phrase — RÉPUBLIQUE D’HAÏTI — while others don’t.

Collectors of Haitian stamps have much to choose from — aside from the large number of series and issues, including overprinted stamps, there have been interesting Haiti collectibles such as triangular and diamond-shaped stamps.

Of course, as a frequent issuer of postage stamps, Haiti has not neglected the international collectors’ market: maximum cards, souvenir sheets, and similar items are available. Check the listings (and the Haiti stamp subcategories) for unhinged (MNH) postage stamps, stamp covers, cinderella stamps, and more. Offers are added and updated daily.

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