Guadeloupe stamps & Guadeloupean postal collectibles


Guadeloupe stamps & Guadeloupean postal collectibles


Guadeloupe is an overseas region of France that used its own special stamps from 1884 until 1947. Collectors who buy Guadeloupe stamps these days are those that collect Caribbean stamps, colonial stamps, stamps related to France, tropical stamps, and anyone with an interest in the postal history of this area of the Caribbean islands.

Guadeloupe’s first stamps, in 1884, were actually stamps of the French colonies, with overprints reading ‘G.P.E.’ and a surcharge. In 1889, French colonial stamps were overprinted with ‘GUADELOUPE’ and a surcharge; ‘GPE’ (without the dots) and a non-surcharged ‘GUADELOUPE’ would also be used. Errors in spelling exist for these stamps too, and are sought after by many collectors. Other overprints read ‘G & D’ or ‘G et D’, for Guadeloupe et dépendances (Guadeloupe and dependencies).

Finally, in 1905, stamps inscribed GUADELOUPE POSTES were issued for Guadeloupe. There were a small number of issues until 1947, when Guadeloupe stamp issuance was discontinued.

In addition to regular postage stamps, there were postage due stamps, semi-postal stamps, and air post stamps issued for Guadeloupe (all discontinued after 1947); these are part of many Guadeloupe stamp collectors’ attentions. Our current selection of Guadeloupe stamps, which may include postal covers both pre-1884 and post-1947, is listed here. Check daily for new offers.

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