Grenada stamps & Grenadian postal collectibles

The Caribbean island of Grenada issued its first postage stamp in 1861; as a British colony, Grenada used a portrait of Queen Victoria on this first series. Subsequent stamps of Grenada featured ornate designs honoring the monarch of the time in the grand tradition of British colonial postage stamps.

Although comparatively few new stamps were issued for the first few decades following the first stamps, there were some war tax stamps that are popular with collectors now.

Iin 1967, Grenada gained statehood, and in 1974 independence, though it is still in the British Commonwealth. For this reason, Grenada stamps always feature either royal subjects, a monarch’s silhouette, or a royal cypher. There have been many more stamps in Grenada in recent decades, and the variety of commemorated subjects appeal to a wider variety of collectors.

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