Cuba stamps & Cuban postal collectibles


Cuba stamps & Cuban postal collectibles


Cuba began using its own stamps in 1855, and continues to be the subject of significant interest from collectors worldwide. Cuba represents a higher percentage of the Caribbean collectible postage stamps than many other islands in the area.

The first 1855 stamps from Cuba were in fact issued by Spain for use in both Cuba and Puerto Rico; these early stamps did not feature the name of any country or island, merely the word CORREOS (“postage”) and a value. The word ULTRAMAR (“overseas”) began appearing on stamps in 1866, the same year that stamps began including the year of issue for a short time.

The word CUBA first appeared on stamps on an 1877 series. For a short time in the waning years of the nineteenth century, the United States took control of Cuba and its postal system, and issued a series of rare stamps that were overprinted for use.

From 1902 until 1959, postage stamps were issued with the inscription REPÚBLICA DE CUBA. Fidel Castro took power in 1959, and since then there have been an unusually high number of special collectors’ releases. Check our subcategories for a range of currently-available collectible Cuban maximum cards, souvenir sheets, full sheets, semipostal stamps, joint issues, and interesting covers.

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