Cayman Islands stamps & Cayman postal collectibles

The Cayman Islands are a British crown colony, located in the ~~Greater Antilles||6~~. The Cayman Islands have used their own stamps since 1900, the last year of Queen Victoria‘s reign. All Cayman Islands postage stamps reference the British crown — usually with a silhouette or a royal cypher, if the monarch isn’t the actual subject of the stamp.

The Cayman Islands used Jamaican stamps from 1889 as a dependency of Jamaica. Cancellations on letters sent from the Cayman Islands using these stamps can be very collectible. The stamps of Jamaica were valid in the Caymans until 1901.

In 1901, Cayman Islands stamps started featuring the new king, Edward VII. During the reign of King George V, there were war tax stamps used in the Cayman Islands; these were Cayman stamps with an overprint reading ‘WAR STAMP’, usually with a surcharge.

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