Western Australia stamps & Western Australian postal collectibles


Western Australia stamps & Western Australian postal collectibles


The Australian state of Western Australia first issued its own postage stamps in 1854, when it was still (along with the other Australian areas) a territory of Britain. These stamps, as most of the stamps that Western Australia would issue over the years, depicted a swan.

While the design on Western Australia postage stamps didn’t often stray from the swan, there are many varieties of philatelic collectibles, and many ways to collect Western Australia stamps. One niche area of stamps from this region are the telegraph fiscal stamps, the 1p version of which was allowed for postal use in 1886.

In 1893, more telegraph fiscals were okayed for mail use. Western Australia fiscal stamps bear the legend ‘INTERNAL REVENUE’.

The Commonwealth of Australia was formed in 1901, but Western Australia continued to issue its own stamps. In 1902, a year after the death of Queen Victoria, Western Australia issued stamps bearing a likeness of the queen, with the unusual name ‘WEST AUSTRALIA’ on the stamp. The last Western Australia stamps were made in 1912; the regular stamps of Australia were used from 1913 on.

In later years, Australian postage stamps, including maximum cards and souvenir sheets, with Western Australia themes and commemorations have been issued. In addition to the original Western Australia stamps and these occasional later pan-Australian issues, covers to, from, and within the state are often the subject of much attention in the marketplace.

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