Victoria stamps & Victorian postal collectibles


Victoria stamps & Victorian postal collectibles


The Australian state of Victoria issued its own stamps in 1850; these early stamps unsurprisingly featured Queen Victoria. Other territories in Australia shared this design approach with Victoria.

In 1884, authorities in Victoria declared that fiscal stamps and postage stamps could all be used interchangeably. For this reason, and because Victoria’s stamps were generally well-designed and made, regular postage stamps, ‘stamp statute’ stamps, and ‘stamp duty’ pieces all appeal to collectors in the marketplace today, in addition to the usual covers and other interesting postal items.

In 1901, the year that Victoria joined other territories to create the Commonwealth of Australia, there were a few Victoria stamps featuring the new King Edward VII. Subsequent to this time, Victoria used the stamps of Australia.

Later Australian stamps sometimes featured subjects related to Victoria, and collectors can find maximum cards, FDCs, and various other interesting collectible Victoria philatelic pieces. Watch this section for daily updates to the Victoria stamps for sale listings.

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