Tasmania collectible postage stamps and covers

Tasmania is a state in Australia that issued its own stamps between 1853 and 1900. In 1901, the Commonwealth of Australia was formed; thereafter, stamps of the new commonwealth were used in Tasmania.

Tasmania was originally called Anthony van Diemen’s Land, which was later shortened to Van Diemen’s Land; it was under this name that stamps were first issued, in 1853. As with most other Australian stamps of this era, Van Diemen’s Land stamps featured Queen Victoria.

In 1858, the island had its name changed to Tasmania (in honor of the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman) and issued its first stamps using this name. Later stamps tended to show natural features of Tasmania — waterfalls, rivers, mountains, et cetera.

In 1882, the Tasmanian government approved the use of fiscal revenue stamps for postage. These stamps, issued beginning in 1863, were valid for postage until Tasmania joined its neighbors to form Australia. Some of these have an overprint reading ‘REVENUE’.

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