Queensland collectible postage stamps and philatelic covers

The first postage stamps used in Australia‘s Queensland were the stamps of New South Wales from 1850, but when Queensland split from NSW in 1859 they began issuing their own stamps. These lasted until about 1901; soon thereafter, Queensland helped form the new Commonwealth of Australia.

Queensland stamps, as befits a territory with that name, tended to feature portraits of Britain’s Queen Victoria. The first actual Queensland postage stamps were issued in 1860; the series of three (1p, 2p, and 6p) is quite rare, and any of them can fetch thousands of dollars in the marketplace.

In all, Queensland stamps tend to each be of one color, very occasionally with an overprinted value, and with a proud, ornate British design. Interesting watermarks have proven to be notable and collectible.

Later Queensland-related stamp collectibles include Australian stamps with Queensland subjects (including such special items as first day covers and even cinderellas), revenue stamps, airmail envelopes and other covers, and of course the occasional error stamp or maximum card. Check the current selection; listings are updated quite often.

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