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Australia collectible King George VI postage stamps and covers (1937 – 1952)

Australia issued several stamps featuring Britain’s King George VI during his reign from 1937 to 1952, as they did with King George V and would later do with Queen Elizabeth II. (King Edward VIII’s short, controversial reign in 1936 resulted in very few philatelic collectibles from Australia.)

Besides the several different designs of George VI stamps Australia created, there are covers (including FDCs), stamp blocks, and other postal collectibles concerning King George VI from Australia.

When browsing Australian George VI stamps for sale, note that his name is used differently by different sellers. Check for variations including George 6th, KGVI, KG6th, et cetera. Also remember that our listings change daily, so check back often for the newest sales. (These listings also include stamps issued during George VI’s reign that do not actually depict the king.)

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