Antique and Rare Vintage Schatz Clocks

The history of the Schatz clock company is one of idealism, ingenuity, and the pursuit of excellence. The company wavered at times in their success, but remain one of the top producers for boat clock antiques collectors and buyers.

Schatz’s founders, August Schatz and Anton Harder, were committed to producing clocks that could accurately keep time over a long period, with an extreme minimum of winding or other maintenance. To this end, they are known today for two types of clocks with different ‘life spans’ for their winding: the Schatz 400-day clock and, later, the 1000-day clock. This far exceeded the other leading clocks of the day, which were wound every week or so.

The 400-day clock was a sensation, partly due to the fact that it could be wound once yearly, often in association with a special event like a birthday or other anniversary. This made Schatz clocks ideal for gifts. Due to Schatz’s spring-mounted pendulum system, they were able to achieve a longer life span per wind but continued to be somewhat inaccurate until the pendulum was redesigned in the 1950s.

Today, Schatz clocks are famous in both the 400- and 1000- day varities, and are also sought after due to the fact that many contain a ship’s bell that rings at certain intervals. Attractive and ingenious Schatz clocks continue to occupy shelf and wall space in thousands of homes, boats and buildings the world over. The 400-day variety is often called an “anniversary” clock.

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