Antique and Collectible Ship’s Clocks


Antique and Collectible Ship’s Clocks


An antique ship’s clock is one of the most collectible and beautiful nautical pieces that can be purchased. A well-made, beautifully-designed ship’s clock can set the tone for a modern boat’s decor or be the centerpiece of nautically-themed room in a house or office.

Companies like Chelsea, Seth Thomas, and Schatz have been making quality ship’s clock pieces for years, and it is these, along with a smattering of others, that are the focus for collectors and decorators these days. Other popular ship’s clock items come from the former Soviet Union and from other Navies around the globe. These examples are generally rarer, if not more expensive, and will only show up occasionally in our listings here at Mega Ministore.

We feature dozens of antique ship’s clock and nautical timepieces from all eras in all price ranges. Look through our listings and keep checking back if necessary to find the exact one that suits your needs.

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