Nautical and Maritime Rare Collectibles and Antiques


Nautical and Maritime Rare Collectibles and Antiques


Antique nautical items and old boat collectibles all share one trait: they give their owner a direct link to the noble old boat and ship traditions of the ages.

For thousands of years, humans have been taking to the water for exploration, commerce, relaxation, hunting and warfare. Of course, the experience has been modified by technology these days, but at their cores sailing and boating are the same as they have always been. For this reason, tradition has a stronger role on the sea than in many other pursuits, a fact also due to the fact that the ingenuity that has gone into boating and sailing over the centuries still strikes a chord in the human spirit — a chord of adventure and exploration; of acting, by necessity, in harmony with nature.

What the old boat enthusiasts and practitioners of centuries past have in common with modern day mariners (and even casual day trippers) is an attraction to the serenity of the ocean — an abiding respect for the rumbling powers of the deep sea and a passion for forces of weather and current. One must work with these forces rather than against them.

Finding an old boat part or nautical antique to spruce up a modern watercraft or to decorate a room or office in a nautical theme is easy with Mega Ministore’s Nautical Antiques section. The sellers whose offers we currently list have many unique pieces, from all corners of the globe and in all price ranges. Check through the various categories in the menu to find the item or type of item(s) you are hunting for. Our sellers come from all backgrounds, as indeed do their old boat items and rare collectibles — it’s just a matter of looking around the Mega Ministore listings until you find what you need!

The links in each listing below will take you to a details page where you can better decide if you want to buy or place a bid on a specific item. Note that many of these pieces are one-of-a-kind and a similar item may not show up again for some time; if you see something you like and, go ahead and order it or place your own bid — you might not see one again for a while!

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