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Sep 30, 2012  [2.6 yrs ago]

Hi Jim,

Thanks for your comments...

MMS does indeed find things for sale by people on eBay and list them. No secrets about it; it's not undercover. All the sales are clearly labeled as eBay (or whatever relevant vendor) and there is even a paragraph on each sales page explaining it. If you look at the antique compass section of any eBay site you will see fewer listings and will miss some that sellers have put elsewhere. We try to include a wider scope here from a wider array of sellers. If you don't like shopping on eBay the sales listings may not be for you, but most buyers have great experiences with eBay and continue to buy from there.

See our FAQ for more about our for sale listings.

We will be implementing a system soon whereby people can add want lists AND people can list their own things for sale on the site, independent of eBay. Until those are in place you are welcome to add your Wanted items in the comment box here. You've put a phone number so any seller who sees it can presumably contact you that way.

If you have had a problem with an eBay seller you will have to contact eBay and/or the seller about it. We list items from eBay as a convenience, and can't vouch for the sellers eBay has, but are not currently selling antique compasses ourselves.

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