Cambodian yellow and golden-yellow zircon gemstones

Golden-yellow zircon gemstone from Cambodia.
Golden-yellow zircon gemstone from Cambodia.
Cambodian zircon is world-renown for its different shades, and yellow zircon remains one of the brightest and striking colors available. While a lot of Cambodian zircon tends to be darker — the brown it tends to be when first mined, or a dark wine-red color — the most popular types of these Southeast Asian gemstones is the bright blue and blue-green versions. With zircon, deep translucence and strong-colored brightness are popular features.

So it is yellow zircon, which itself can be divided into countless hues of its own. Yellow zircon makes up a small percentage of the Cambodia zircon stone market but one of the brightest-colored types. Yellow zircon from Cambodia, usually achieved through various heating techniques, can range from a green-yellow hue or a darker orange-yellow or red-yellow hue. The most popular type of zircon that may be called “yellow” is arguably the golden-yellow stones that are frequently seen for sale, and that tend to be the subject of the most competition from buyers when new stones are offered for sale by vendors.

Some yellow zircon from Cambodia is sold loose, and sometimes it is available mounted on a piece of fine jewelry — silver rings and pendants are particularly popular among the small but growing number of people who have been turned on to the loveliness and rarity of zircon, which is not a rare as diamond but which is often favorably compared with it. If yellow appeals to your style, take a look through the yellow Cambodian zircons available now!

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