Cambodian white zircon diamond-like gemstones


Cambodian white zircon diamond-like gemstones


Cambodian zircon, a strikingly pretty gemstone found in places such as Ratanakiri Province in the northeast, and Pailin Province in the western part of the country of Cambodia, can be heated in various stages until its blue color disappears and it emerges colorles — a translucent white gem. White Cambodian zircon has been used for centuries as a less-valuable but nearly equally-beautiful substitute for actual diamonds.

Such is the beauty and sparkle of white Cambodian zircon that its most fervent supporters actually don’t seem to prefer real diamonds to it. Colorless zircon from Cambodia tends to envelop its own personal beauty, and it is the smart shopper indeed who explores the current for-sale selection of this type of zircon with a critical yet hopeful eye.

White Cambodian zircon can be bought either as loose gemstones — cut or uncut — or already incorporated into a piece of jewelry. Prices can fluctuate quite a bit depending on the source, provenance, and look of a particular stone. Check the images and be sure you are getting the perfect white Cambodian zircon that fits your own style and personality.

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