Cambodian red zircon gemstones


Cambodian red zircon gemstones


Red Cambodian zircon is one of the more popular colors of these stones available from sellers who offer zircon from this Southeast Asian country for sale. While blue continues to dominate the market, red zircon from Cambodia remains steadily popular due to its often-strong hues and eye-catching beauty.

Red zircon can come in a variety of sizes (carats) and, of course, a range of colors. Most red zircon from Cambodia tends to be brownish in color, giving it a dark wine-colored look. Quite a few of them approach pink or even a reddish yellow hue (including some lovely orange items). The great thing about red zircon is its spectrum of shades — whatever piece fits your style, you can usually find it for sale.

Red Cambodian zircon gemstones may be sold as loose pieces, and may be either cut or as-yet uncut. Others have already been cut and are included in rings, necklaces, bracelets, or other items of fine jewelry, often silver or even gold. Browse the current listings and find the red zircon that speaks directly to you the best!

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