Cambodian orange zircon gemstones

When Cambodian zircon is first mined, it tends to be a dark color such as brown in its natural state. There are many shades and hues found, however, and often zircon from Cambodia is more orange-ish in color. Heating techniques can change the color of these zircon gemstones — resulting in an array of colors including blue and white (colorless) zircon — but for those looking for something a little darker and earthy, orange zircon stones from Cambodia can fit the bill perfectly.

There is much to celebrate about an orange Cambodian zircon — most of all, the stunningly lovely quality of its orange hues and its shifting patterns of light as it is turned and admired. Another key point is that many buyers are not yet tuned in to the loveliness of these orange stones, so there is often less buying competition for those who are more educated in the area of Cambodian gemstones.

Sellers often list new offers in the orange Cambodian zircon category, and these offers may represent both loose and mounted stones; the loose pieces may be cut or uncut.

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