Frequently asked questions

About and our services and features.

Part 1. General

Where do you get your sales listings from?

All of the items for sale on this site are consolidated from other websites, such as eBay, Delcampe, Amazon, et cetera. Sales are all handled through those individual sites.

Does MegaMinistore sell items?

We do not sell our own collectibles and other items on this site at this time.

Can I sell my items?

We do not buy items on MegaMinistore. You can sell your items on any of our various partner websites (eBay, Delcampe, et cetera). By selling through such sites, you will reach many more buyers and be able to take advantage of the transaction protection policies on those sites.

How do you choose your categories?

They are firstly based on our own interests and collections — certain types of coins and banknotes, stamps, classic video games, quilts, et cetera. We also take suggestions from our users and may add categories or sections based on these suggestions. Contact us here and tell us what you want to see.

What are email updates?

This is a unique way for buyers to keep a watch on one or more categories to see the new sales listings that are added each day. Register your email address here, and choose your categories; each day you will receive an email listing new items for sale. You can see new items before other buyers this way.

Can I contact you?

Yes, you can use our contact form to give us your questions or suggestions.

Part 2. Free blogs

NOTE: While beta-testing the blog system, we are allowing banknote-related blogs only.

How do I start a blog?

Blogs are free and very simple to start:
1. Register or sign in.
2. Click your email address at the top of any page (under the logo) to edit your account settings.
3. Provide a username and a name for your blog.
4. Click the "New Post" link at the top of any page under your username. (Or click here.)

Can I blog about something else besides banknotes?

Not yet, sorry. We are still beta-testing the blog feature :)

What are the blog rules?

Your post must be related to the topic (at this time, banknotes only). Posts must be original and can not include any copyright-infringing content. An admin will review all blog posts, and may edit or remove any post that is offensive, irrelevant, or reduces the quality of the website.