United States rare and collectible coins historical and modern


United States rare and collectible coins historical and modern


The history of United States coinage is extensive and fascinating, and draws attention from a huge number of coin collectors both inside and outside the U.S., as does its northern neighbor Canada.

Early coins were frequently made of silver, and the vast majority of coins of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries issued for general circulation showed the allegorical figure of Liberty in various guises — with a draped bust, wearing a cap or Native American head dress, seated, walking, standing, et cetera. In the late nineteenth century and subsequently, American coins have honored notable figures and events in American history.

Collectors and buyers can choose from a vast amount of coins of all types for sale from the listings. We divide our American coins for sale section into subcategories based on the denomination. For more information, see the categories on one cent coins, two cent coins, three cent coins, half-dimes and nickels, dimes, twenty cent pieces, quarters, half dollars, and dollar coins. Within most of these sections there are further subcategories based on each coin’s design. You can also scan our listings of gold American coins and American coins made of platinum.

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