Aruba collectible coins


Aruba collectible coins


Aruba has been using its own coins since 1986: its main unit of currency is the florin, which is divided into 100 cents. The people of Aruba are Dutch citizens, and prior to 1986 used the Netherlands Antilles guilder. Aruba’s place in history and culture is closely related to nearby Curaçao, also in the Leeward Antilles part of the Lesser Antilles.

Several Aruba coins are notable for various reasons. First of all, there have been several square-shaped coins issued (with rounded corners). Also, Aruba coins tend to feature simple and modern designs, with some bold, free choices that set the coins of Aruba apart from other coin-issuing states. Perhaps this reflects Aruba’s unique place in the Caribbean generally: way down south, at the “bottom”, next to Venezuela and featuring a dry landscape with more sand and cacti than tropical trees.

Most interesting to some collectors is the regular issuance of special collectors’ Aruba proof coins, in both silver and gold. Commemorating different subjects, and in denominations of up to 100 florins, these special Aruban proof coins make up a significant portion of the available Aruba coins for sale marketplace.

Whatever your intention for your own Aruba coin collection, check the current selection of coins available for sale. We update the offers each day, so come back to browse the latest. There are usually quite a few silver coins to be found, though gold Aruba coins are very scarce.

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