Tajikistan collectible coins

Tajikistan had a turbulent time, in its currency and otherwise, after its independence in 1991. For several years, the Tajikistani monetary unit was the rouble, divided into 100 tanga.

In 2000, Tajikistan revamped their currency and introduced the somoni, divided into 100 diram. This is the currency still used today.

Somoni coins were first issued in 2001. Interestingly for Tajikistani coin collectors, the reverse of each coin changes every year.

Several dealers offer Tajikistani coins, but the selection can be narrower than countries with a longer coinage history (obviously). Our current findings are listed below. Check subcategories to find Tajik coins from specific years, with a specific Krause Catalog number, or for proofs, sets, and other numismatic specialties.

Enjoy building your collection of coins from this fascinating Central Asian country.

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