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Hundreds of great Singapore coins from many different sellers are listed here. Singapore coins for sale in the marketplace include both dollars and cents coins in general circulation, as well as silver, gold, and platinum collector and investor coins.

Singapore, nestled at the southern end of peninsular Malaysia, used other currencies in its past but these were not for Singapore exclusively; in 1965, the city gained independence from Malaysia, became a country, and released its own coins in 1967. The denominations used in this first series are still the ones used today in Singapore (though the one cent coin is no longer issued). One Singapore dollar = 100 cents.

With multiple special commemorative coins issued yearly, and new coins such as multi-colored pieces and scalloped, oval, and other shapes, a Singaporean coin collection can be striking for many different reasons, and Singapore coins are a big focus for many, many collectors the world over.

We also have Singapore proof coins, coin sets, and uncirculated coins listed. You can also see Singapore coins by Krause # or Singapore coins by year.

Our current Singapore coins for sale listings are in this section. Check the selection, and see the subcategories to see specific types or groups of coins. Check back daily — we update the listings and add new items every single day. Good luck with your Singapore coin collection; there are a lot of great collectible pieces on the market at any time!

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