Mongolia collectible coins


Mongolia collectible coins


Mongolian coins in the modern era began in 1925; an earlier unit called the Mongolian dollar used banknotes exclusively. Although the unit of Mongolian currency, the togrog (also tögrög or tugrik) is divided into 100 mongo (möngö), there have been no mongo coins since 1990. Mongo coins now are for collectors and tourist souvenirs only.

However, in the past there were both togrog and mongo coins, and these are of interest to many collectors the world over. There have been several coins released for general circulation in Mongolia that were subsequently devalued.

Currently, there are five coins in circulation in Mongolia: 20 and 50 togrog (made of aluminum), and 100, 200, and 500 togrog (cupronickel). There is also a large selection of special commemorative and collectors’ coins available.

Different Mongolian coins feature different scripts — Mongolian, Cyrillic, and English have all made appearances on the coins of Mongolia.

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