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Coins in the Transcaucasian area now called Georgia were first issued by the kingdoms that existed in the area from about the sixth century BCE as areas such as Colchis, Iberia, and Lazica.

It was around the year 1000 that Georgia was successfully united into a single state; in the 1600s, this Kingdom of Georgia issued coins with its unit as abazi. One abazi was equal to 200 dinars. Abazi coins were made of silver, while dinar coins exist in both silver and copper varieties.

In 1833, having become part of Russia, Georgia began to use roubles as its currency. (From 1919 to 1923, a briefly independent Georgia issued banknotes, but no coins, using the moneti currency; roubles were then reintroduced and used for much of the remainder of the century.)

In 1993, following the fall of the Soviet Union, the country of Georgia, once again independent, issued currency in the form of lari. One lari = 100 thetri (a.k.a. tetri). Coins were issued, at first in thetri only, then (in 2003) in lari.

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