Bangladesh collectible coins

Bangladesh has made its own coins since 1974, soon after its independence from Pakistan. Bangladesh borders the Assam region of northeast India and Myanmar/Burma. It shares cultural links with other areas in the region, including its coinage.

Historically, the area now known as Bangladesh was part of various empires, kingdoms and sultanates that came and went over the past several centuries. Coins from these various states were used in what is now Bangladesh. In 1947, when India gained independence from Britain and went through partition to create Pakistan, the area near the Bay of Bengal had been part of a larger one called the Bengal Presidency, but subsequently became part of Pakistan; Bangladesh was called East Pakistan form 1947 until 1971, but used the same coins as West Pakistan.

In 1971, East Pakistan, with the help of India, broke away from Pakistan and declared its own independence. The new nation was called Bangladesh, and it took the taka as its main unit of currency. The new country is Islamic, like Pakistan, but culturally closer to its neighbors in India; the Bengali script is used on its currency. Bangladesh uses a decimalized currency system; one taka is equal to 100 poisha. (Poisha is related to the paisa, a unit of currency used in places such as India and Nepal.)

The coinage history of modern Bangladesh is relatively short, and there haven’t been as many special commemorative proof coins and collectors pieces as many other nations. However, there are several special-issue Bangladeshi silver coins to choose from, and the marketplace generally features a few nice ones for buyers. Whether you like coins from the modern People’s Republic of Bangladesh, coins from past states that occupied the same land, or a mixture of both, check the current selection of Bangladeshi coins for sale. There are also various uncirculated Bangladeshi coins and complete coin sets from Bangladesh available.

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