Replica and reproduction ancient Roman coins

Buying a reproduction of an ancient Roman coin can be a good way to have an interesting piece of history for a fraction of the cost of a real one. The replicas you should be looking at ordering include known and clearly labeled fakes and forgeries, which often appeal to ancient Roman numismatists with a particularly keen love of coins and the hobby of collecting.

Be careful when buying replicas — some modern copies are not marked as being such on the coin itself, and you don’t want to be responsible down the line for accidentally trying to pass off a fake as a real one. But, this caveat aside, a modern reproduction can be just what you need.

There are two basic types of modern Roman coin copies: those that are shiny and new, meant to represent what coins would have looked like when brand new in ancient Rome; and those that have been designed or artificially aged to look just like a real coin might nowadays, with centuries of wear.

Either way, Roman coin reproductions are a fun way to get coins that is more than acceptable to many collectors, either as a permanent piece or as a placeholder until a suitable authentic version can be located.

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