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Nelson Mandela list of collectible coins and medallions

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela has appeared on a number of commemorative coins and coin-like medals and other pieces from several countries, generally African nations (particularly South Africa, of course).

Despite President Mandela being such an impressive, inspiring, and transformative figure, the leader of South Africa’s independence movement has appeared on a surprisingly small number of coins throughout the world. However, the coins he has been on — including silver and gold collectors’ pieces — are popular in the marketplace, especially in the wake of his 2013 death at the age of 95.

List of notable Nelson Mandela coins and coin-like issues

This is a list of some of the coins Nelson Mandela has appeared on; collectors who are interested in Mandela coins for sale may consult this list to find items for their own collections.

Liberia Nelson Mandela coin

KM 558: (2001) 10 dollars — copper-nickel with multi-colored Mandela photo image

Rwanda Nelson Mandela coins

KM 18: (1990) 100 francs — silver
KM 19: (1990) 2000 francs — gold
KM 20: (1990) 5000 francs — gold

Sierra Leone Nelson Mandela coins

KM 297: (2004) 1 dollar — copper-nickel
KM 298: (2004) 10 dollars — silver
KM 299: (2004) 500 dollars — gold

Somalia Nelson Mandela coins

KM 72: (2000) 25 shillings — copper-nickel
KM 116: (2000) 250 shillings — brass and copper-nickel
KM 116a: (2000) 250 shillings — silver

South Africa Nelson Mandela coins

KM 230: (2000) 5 rand — nickel and steel
KM 290: (2004) 25 rand — gold (protea)
KM 402: (2004) 25 rand — gold (protea)
Medallion: (2004) “10 years of freedom 1994-2004” — gold-clad
KM 371: (2007) 1 rand — silver
KM 408: (2007) 5 rand — gold (protea)
KM 409: (2007) 25 rand — gold (protea)
Medallion: (2007) “A Long Walk To Freedom” with Robben Island and Mandela’s signature
KM 439: (2008) 5 rand 90th birthday commemorative coin

In addition to these coins and medals, there have been other special commemorative pieces of various descriptions. Check the currently available Nelson Mandela coins for sale and see what appeals to you the most.

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