The best currency notes for banknote collectors


The best currency notes for banknote collectors


There are thousands and thousands of beautiful currency notes for collectors in today’s marketplace, and the banknote-collecting hobby is growing rapidly. Many coin collectors (and those who collect stamps) are drawn to the comparatively new and untouched adventure of finding the best currency notes for their growing collections.

There are many advantages to starting and building a currency note collection — not least of which are the aesthetic reasons: banknotes are, of course, bigger than coins or stamps and often feature very beautiful, colorful and bold designs. Designs, especially in the last 20-30 years, have become showcases for a country’s culture and history. Even new collectors will quickly establish their own list of the Top 10 Beautiful Currency Notes!

Buying rare currency notes

A lot of the fun of paper money collecting is the hunt. To make it easier to add notes to your collection we have extensive categories of the best quality currency notes for sale on (MMS). These sales listings come from a variety of vendors on third-party sites; we continually scan these sites, machine-pick and hand-pick the best, and list them here. You can explore our categories to see world notes for sale from specific regions, countries, or historical issuers — some pages even concern specific notes. We try to feature all the banknote issuers of today and from history, including fantasy and micronation currency notes that many collectors buy.

Africa currency notes

Africa has a particularly interesting banknote history, what with all the colonialism, evolving countries and states, and the colorful culture and figures that show up on local notes. Many collectors are happy to focus solely on African banknotes. Our Africa currency notes section encompasses all countries that are geographically part of Africa, including North African nations often considered part of the Middle East.

Asia currency notes

Our Asia paper money section includes all Asian regions east of the Middle East — including south Asia, central Asia, southeast Asia, and the big east Asian countries.

Australasia and Oceania currency notes

This section includes not only Australia and New Zealand, but the islands of the South Pacific (Oceania) that have issued banknotes in the past or now. Also included are smaller paper money issuers like the Cocos (Keeling) Islands.

Canada currency notes

Given its extensive banknote history, we have given the great country of Canada its own paper money for sale section. Here you can find banknotes from the modern era as well as provincial notes and banknote-like items from the past.

Caribbean currency notes

With some particularly beautiful currency notes, our Caribbean paper money for sale section includes items from the endless tropical islands that dot the Caribbean Sea. Also included are some of the former colonial entities that issued banknotes or had them issued on their behalf.

Europe currency notes

Perhaps our largest and busiest section, MMS’s Europe banknotes section is full of interesting and rare collectible currency notes from all European countries that issued banknotes, past and present. See this section for individual issuers.

Latin America currency notes

Under this category we have included the countries and colonies of both Central and South America — from Mexico down to the end of Chile and Argentina and all the areas in between including colonial paper money collectibles.

Middle East currency notes

This section includes notes from the Arabian Gulf oil countries, and also surrounding countries like Iran, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. Sometimes overlooked, this section offers some fantastic deals for the diligent banknote hunter.

United States currency notes

Endlessly fascinating, the intricate and beautiful currency note history of the United States includes individual states that once issued their own notes, silver certificates, and other paper money-related items. It makes up another particularly busy area of MMS. You can see all the American banknotes for sale at once or drill down to individual states to see collectible notes from any one area.

Other currency notes

Banknotes from Bermuda, St. Pierre and Miquelon, and various Antarctic banknotes (which are particularly popular with many collectors) can be found in this section.

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