Mystery or misery on the high seas? Crew eschews GPS to sail by sextant

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pete-goss-spirit-of-mystery.jpgIn 1854, a wooden ship called Mystery completed a successful voyage from England to Australia. And in 2008, a crew pulled up the anchor on that vessel's spiritual descendant, Spirit of Mystery, to make the same voyage with the same technology.

Namely, Captain Pete Goss and his three-man crew (son, brother, brother-in-law) are using the sextant and the stars to guide them around Cape Horn and on to the southern continent. (Mystery's crew numbered seven.) The voyage began on October 20, 2008. The crew hopes to reach Africa's cape by Christmas.

Bravo to Capt. Goss and crew for undertaking this mission. It's a reminder that many modern conveniences (such as GPS) are helpful, as opposed to necessary. Good luck to the crew and the home-made craft.


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