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Nautical antiques

Antique nautical items and old boat collectibles all share one trait: they give their owner a direct link to the noble old boat and ship traditions of the ages. For thousands of years, humans have been taking to the water for exploration, commerce, relaxation, hunting and warfare. Of course, the experience has been modified by technology these days, but at their cores sailing and boating are the same as they have always been. For this reason, tradition has a stronger role on the sea than in many other pursuits, a fact also due to the fact that the ingenuity that has gone into boating and sailing over the centuries still strikes a chord in the human spirit — a chord of adventure and exploration; of acting, by necessity, in harmony with nature. What the old boat enthusiasts and practitioners of centuries past have in common with modern day mariners (and even casual day trippers) is an attraction to the serenity of the ocean — an abiding respect for the rumbling powers of the...

Antique barometers

For as long as barometers have existed they have been standard equipment on water-going craft of all shapes and sizes. There is little as important to a mariner as the weather and sea conditions, and the barometer gave a way to measure air pressure, a statistic from which determinations could be made as to sailing or rowing course and tactics. The barometer was first created in the early 1600s. Advancements were made over the years, and barometers using either water, mercury, or air were all available. (In 2007, the sale of mercury was restricted and from that point, most if not all new barometers in Europe were either the air or water variety.) Antique barometers are very collectible and great pieces tend to show up for sale rather often. Look through the listings here and see if any of them suit your needs; we usually feature, at any one time, several varieties, eras, styles, prices and companies. Often barometers are built into a wooden piece containing a clock, and sometimes with a barograph or some other instrument. We also list equipment needed to display some barometers and barometer/clock combinations (stands, mounts, etc). Look through the listings below and check our latest offers - many of these are unique and if you see what you like in your price range, go for it because it may be a while before a similar item pops up for sale



There are thousands of thousands of banknotes for collectors in today's marketplace, and the banknote-collecting hobby is growing rapidly. Many coin collectors (and those who collect stamps) are drawn to the comparatively new and untouched adventure of collecting rare paper money. There are many advantages to starting and building a banknote collection — not least of which are the aesthetic reasons: banknotes are, of course, bigger than coins or stamps, and often feature very beautiful, colorful and bold designs. Designs, especially in the last 20-30 years, have become showcases for a country's culture and history. Buying rare banknotesA lot of the fun of collecting is the hunt. We feature a large number of banknotes for sale on These sales listings come from a variety of other vendor sites; we continually scan these sites and list the best here. You can drill down in our categories to browse banknotes for sale from specific regions, countries, or historical issuers...